Meet the New Blank Page.

Verb: a new space for writers

All creativity starts with an empty page. Simplicity. Clarity. Freedom. We've built it for you. But with a twist

"All you have to do is write one tru sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know"

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Experience the Joy (and Pain) of Creativity

A beautiful, elegant blank space to create in. But with some additional features, in the, collaborative, supportive. Just to help. Just to give you a nudge. If you ever need it. Remember, you're in charge. It's all about you. Your imagination. Your vision.

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Blank Canvas + Nudges

Verb, the new blank page that evolves with you. With just a simple toggle, unleash an entire suite of intuitive tools designed to nudge and encourage your creativity.

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What Happens When You Press the Toggle? 🪄

Welcome to Verb, the writing tool that reimagines the blank page. With just a simple toggle, unleash a suite of intuitive tools designed to take your writing to unparalleled heights.

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Seamlessly integrates with your canvas
Transforms natural language prompts into captivating plots
Provides multi-line plot suggestions
Accelerates generation speed
Filters out frequently occurring bad patterns
Blocks suggestions that might match potential duplicates
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A Collaborator to Stimulate

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To Take Your Story and Characters a Beat Further...

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Always following your direction

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Just nudging you in the right direction

Verb can give you feedback on how well your work stacks up against thousands of published manuscripts
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Why Choose the New Blank Page?

Unmatched Simplicity

A distraction-free interface that brings you back to the basics of writing.

Unveil the Magic

An array of features so intuitive, they'll feel like extensions of your own creativity.

Full Control

The freedom to enable or disable features as you need, making the writing process as simple or as multi-faceted as you like.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“I have experienced a 50% improvement, and the initial setup process is incredibly straightforward.”

Jonas Sebastian
Author of the best seller “Once Upon a Time”

Verb The Nudge has been a game-changer for me as a writer. It's like having a brilliant co-author by my side, always ready to offer the perfect plot suggestions. It's simply magical!
- Emily, Fiction Writer

I never thought a writing tool could make such a significant impact on my productivity until I started using Verb The Nudge.
- Michael, Entrepreneur and Author

Being a seasoned writer, I was initially skeptical about AI-driven writing tools. But after using Verb The Nudge, I'm blown away by its capabilities.
- Sarah, Professional Writer and Blogger

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At the heart of it all, Verb is your virtual writing assistant, harnessing the power of AI to help writers craft stellar content. Imagine having a writing buddy with you 24/7, offering suggestions, ideas, and edits!

  • It`s a mix of innovative tech, machine learning, and magic! But seriously, Verb takes your input and uses advanced algorithms to generate or suggest text that aligns with your voice and context.

  • Ha! Almost. Think of us as a blend of the world`s best editors and some techy fairy dust. We`re here to make writing smooth, fun, and delightful.

  • You, always you! Everything you write, ponder upon, or craft on Verb belongs solely to you. We just provide the canvas; the masterpiece is yours!

  • Absolutely not! Your words are yours alone. We don`t use your unique inputs to train our model or generate text. The integrity of your work is our utmost priority.

  • Spot on! Our AI creates content based on vast concepts it`s learned. It doesn`t copy-paste or reproduce verbatim content. While it`s equipped with insights from vast amounts of text, every output is unique. You`re always in the driver`s seat!

  • Think of Verb as your personal writing workshop. We`re here to guide, inspire, and improve your writing process. Every writer needs an editor; we`re just a digital, supercharged version!

  • Never! Your writings are always yours to keep, even if you decide to part ways with us. Remember, we`re just the stage; the show is always yours!

  • Reach out to us directly, and we`d love to chat!

Verb: the innovative writers space. Join today.

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